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What are micro niche websites?

As the name would suggest, micro niche websites cover a very specific topic with the aim achieving a high ranking in searching engines for that term.

These days, Google is usually the first place people go to find everything and they’re typically very specific in their queries.  Instead of “restaurant” they search for “the best Thai food in Detroit” and the goal of a micro niche site would be to rank first for that search term.

One profits off a micro niche site by putting Google Adsense on their front page.

Chances are, a person searching for “the best Thai food in Detroit” plans on buying some Thai food very soon (and probably in Detroit) and having access to such a targeted audience is something companies are willing to pay for.

Ads on websites with a high search rank are considered more valuable and result in more money for their owner. With the right research, SEO, and traffic, a micro niche site can become a real moneymaker.